Security Camera Types - How to pick the right one for your needs

Are you finding the perfect security cameras for your home or business? Let this article help you in choosing the most suitable security camera types for your building or home. Nowadays, crime rates and the case of intrusions are increasing across Slovenia, not only in business establishments but also at homes as well. In reducing or eliminating these circumstances, it is recommended to gear up your home or business building with the most dependable surveillance camera.

Regardless of the size of your home or the nature of your business, it is indeed appropriate to install the best security camera that will match your needs. Through installing the right surveillance camera within and outside the premises, you can assure and guarantee the safety of your resources, investments, employees and also your family as well.

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Factors to be considered in choosing the best Security Camera Types

For you to obtain efficient security for your home and business, it is significant to find the best CCTV camera types that will monitor and record each movement inside and outside the premises. In these times, most of the security camera types vary on its specifications from its resistance, pixel measurements. Infrared, motion detection and many more.

The primary purpose of having a surveillance camera is to efficiently record every activity inside and outside your home or business. In line with this, in choosing a security camera types, you should be considering the ability to record actual visual documentation if in case an undesirable activity happens around your business or home.

To get the most suitable security camera types for your home or business, here are some factors you need to consider;


The first factor you need to consider in choosing the best security camera is the Resolution. With this specification, you can determine the image quality of the photo or the recorded video. If you prefer a clear quality, you should be getting a security camera types with high resolution.

If you want an accurate capture even though for long distance, you can acquire a security camera types that can provide 1080 pixel video capture, cropping, and zooming which it doesn’t affect the quality of the image or photo. By having CCTV camera types that have a high resolution, you can obtain an excellent and clear image quality of a person involved in case intrusion or theft takes place.

It is essential that a particular security camera can view or give a clear picture or video. With this capability, you and the police can be sure who made the crime or who did intrusion.

Capturing Modes

The time when you use the security camera types is also necessary. It is essential to have a surveillance camera that can provide an accurate image even at night time. During day time, it is highly recommended to have a home camera system or outdoor security cameras with full-color image capture. With this type of CCTV camera types, you can accurately see the essential details like the criminal’s hair color and the color of the car.

For night time, it is recommended to have a low-light surveillance camera or infrared cameras. Low-light cameras can’t detect facial details, but you can notice heat signatures. When there is zero- light, it would be better to have infrared cameras. You can also consider CCTV camera types which are accurately producing great images or videos any time of the day.

You can ask professional help when choosing the best security camera which is capable during the night-time.

Motion Detection

It is also an essential factor in choosing security camera types if the ability to capture in constant movement. If you are selecting a surveillance camera, make sure that it is geared with advances motion detection capability which is used in getting accurate video of criminal activity.

Viewing Angle

Another factor in choosing a security camera types is the covering angle of the surveillance camera. If you prefer to cover a wide space, it is highly recommended to have a dome camera. However, if you prefer to have a variety of CCTV camera types and outdoor security cameras, you can a trusted security camera provider to strategically install the surveillance camera around the areas. You can also choose wireless CCTV camera types and wireless outdoor security cameras when you prefer various cameras around the area.

Quality of Materials

To ensure that your security camera types can deliver accurate and efficient outcomes, you should also consider having quality cables and cameras as well. If you’re planning to install outdoor security cameras, cables and cameras should be heatproof, dustproof and waterproof.

Apart from delivering quality footages, through quality materials, you can also maximize the lifespan of the surveillance camera as well. It is also recommended to find a camera which offers an image stabilization technology which is best expressed when there is an occurrence of a strong wind or any destructive weather disturbances.

Storage Capacity

Lastly, choose a security camera types with better and bigger storage. You can also acquire cloud storage, but you need to pay for its subscription. If you prefer a free option, you can find a surveillance camera that utilized hard drive storage.

With these significant factors, you can distinguish the right and perfect CCTV camera types that fit your needs and area. If you want to know more about the better security camera types that match your home or business, you can ask us for professional assistance if what home camera system or outdoor security cameras fits your home or commercial space across Slovenia.

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What security camera types fit your home or commercial space?

Safety is one of the of the indispensable thing you should check timely. With the help of different types of CCTV cameras for home and business, you can ensure that everything is recorded and can reduce the risk of theft or intrusion.

Each type of CCTV cameras for home and business are geared with exceptional specifications and advantages. By knowing them more, you can identify the best security camera that fits your premises. Here are some security camera types and their respective description and advantages as well.

Dome Security Cameras

From the term itself, this type of surveillance camera is shaped like a dome. These security camera types are typically secured with a transparent dome which is widely used as a home security camera and also for commercial spaces. Apart from it is placed indoor spots, it is also widely utilized as outdoor security cameras. For having a discrete design, it is always used by commercial establishments like hotels, retail shops, and restaurants.

The advantage of this surveillance camera is it hard to distinguish where the camera is pointing. Also, dome security cameras are recognized as durable and vandalism resistant because the lens is protected. They are also known for giving a wide angle, unlike the bullet cameras that only cover a specific direction.

There are also dome cameras which are powered with WiFi internet connection. By having a dome wifi security camera, you can check your area anywhere you are provided that you have an internet connection. With the help of the internet connection, you can achieve a dome wireless security cameras which are preferable on big establishments or business.

Dome security cameras are suitable as a home camera system and also for business premises. This CCTV camera types have a rotating camera and can view a larger angle. It can also act significantly during night time and even when there is bad weather. If you’re looking for a long time and quality home camera system or outdoor security cameras, you should not think twice with dome cameras.

Bullet Security Camera

Bullet cameras are known to be in cylindrical shape which looks like a bullet shell. It is one of the widely used security camera types nowadays because it can deter possible intrusion or theft. This type of surveillance camera is an effective deterrent to criminals because they are apparent and the criminals will think twice on entering your premises. Like the dome security cameras, it can also be used as outdoor security cameras.

Bullet cameras are CCTV camera types which are broadly utilized in backyards and parking lots. This type of surveillance camera has a more extended range and perfect for significant areas. Also, bullet security camera types are easy to install and has the resistance to against a glare or other weather disturbances. Like the dome security cameras, bullet cameras have night vision capability if you’re looking for CCTV camera types for your backyards or parking lots, its best to install bullet security cameras.

C-Mount Security Camera

It is one of the CCTV camera types which are widely used in banks. C-mount cameras are obvious and obtrusive once installed due to the significant size of lenses which can effectively deter criminals. This type of surveillance camera is known for providing high-resolution images and videos.

Also, C-mount surveillance camera comes with detachable lenses. It can even reach beyond 12 meter with the help of special made lenses. A standard C-mount can only cover 10 meter distances. C-mount is known to be the best security camera for indoor premises only.

The day or Night Security Camera

It is one of the security camera types which can produce great recordings or footages during the day time with the help of sunlight. On the night-time, it can also capture explicit videos and footages through an extra sensitive imaging chip and not requiring inbuilt infrared illuminators.

This type of surveillance camera is mostly recommended for outdoor premises. Day or Night security cameras can also record colored and black and white background. Also, these types of outdoor security cameras can have infrared LEDs which are placed on its housing or can accept the emission. It can also be available in various sizes.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras are also known as wifi security cameras as well. Through a reliable Wi-Fi network, it can convey footages or recordings. Even without a Wi-Fi connection, you can still have wireless outdoor security cameras through power connected. There’s no need to install or place cables to the cameras for them to work. However, you need a cable for power transmission, but some of the wireless security cameras are powered by batteries instead.

As one of the security camera types, it can be more flexible when it comes to installation. Most of the wireless CCTV camera types work with Wi-Fi connections or networks. It is mostly used for new homes or with families who are on the budget. These wireless security cameras are recognized as less expensive compared to wired cameras. They are easy to install and transport.

Wireless security cameras can reach up to 15 meter or more, but if it’s installed within the house, it can probably navigate 5 meter but not as always. The structure of your home can be an additional factor which can affect the performance of your wireless security cameras. Brick walls, large trees, and concrete floors can weaken the strength of the connection.

The only limitation when it comes to wireless security cameras needs to maintain connection and signal to record and capture. If in case the connection is interrupted, it can also affect the transmission of the recordings and footages to the viewing device. Also, for wireless CCTV camera types which are powered by batteries need to be replaced before the battery dies to maintain its stability.

PTZ Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera

PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. PTZ cameras can remotely be moved left and right and up and down. The lens can zoom and reach closer or farther. PTZ cameras can turn a complete circle and tilt up to 180 which permit to view straight ahead, above and below position. Through panning a tilting, you can determine what’s happening behind, and next to it.

With the help of PTZ Cameras, guards can faster detect suspicious behavior within the premises. If you want to view a closer view, you can use optical zoom cameras which the lens is zooming in and make the picture enlarge. Even the camera is zooming in, the quality of the image is well- preserved. Another type of zooming camera is a Digital type. It is one of CCTV camera types where the more it zooms, the quality of the image become pixilated and reduces its quality.

If you’re looking for a suitable security camera types for extensive premises, PTZ cameras are the most recommended surveillance camera. This type of outdoor security cameras is usually used in the sports field, television studios, and other wide spaces.

Network Security Camera

It is one of the security camera types which is also known as an IP camera. It works when it is connected to a specific network where a certain network connection exists. It requires a direct connection to a particular computer. These CCTV camera types can be in the form of wireless camera types and can work by means of a network.

As one of the security camera types, it can convey or transmit videos in an IP network. With the help of an IP network, people or users can view actual footages or videos. It can record for 24 hours, through a particular schedule or when a camera detects motion or audio.

There are two types of network security cameras, the indoor security camera or the outdoor security cameras. In line with outdoor security cameras, it can change the darkness and light of the video without affecting the quality of the video. For these security camera types, it needs a special resistance against rain and wind. On the indoor camera or home camera system, it should be protected against heat or other materials that can cause risk to the performance of the camera.

IP Security Camera

IP Camera or Internet Protocol camera is one of the security camera types which transmit image data through the help of the internet. Compared to the other types of CCTV cameras for home, it doesn’t require a local recording device and utilizes LAN or local area network instead. Different kinds of IP cameras usually use a support a central NVR or network video recorder to support recording.

IP cameras can be in the form of wireless security cameras or a wifi security camera and the recordings and footages are safely transmitted utilize through encryption or authentication methods like WPA, AES or TKIP. You can remotely check or stream live recordings from any device with appropriate access. Also, the IP camera can provide an excellent image resolution which is usually four times better than the typical analog camera.

These types of security cameras are quite expensive, and it’s quite complicated to set-up. Besides, the IP cameras require a more significant hard drive when talking about data storage. As for video resolution, a standard IP camera can provide 29 megapixels. But, as years go by manufacturers used to upgrade it to high-definition resolutions which can be 1080 pixels, 4K resolution or 16:9 widescreen formats.

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Importance of installing security camera types

Regardless of the size of a home or business, it is important to ensure the safety and security of your resources and your family as well. By choosing the suitable security camera types, you can have the privilege of high security. Here are some considerations you need to acknowledge why you need to install the ideal security camera types.

The first factor you need to consider is to deter crimes and intrusion. By choosing the suitable CCTV camera types of security camera types, you can prevent possible theft or crime. If the people around you know that you’re home or business is geared with the best security camera, they will think a million times before robbing or vandalizing your home or store. In case the crime is done, you can directly check the installed home camera system or outdoor security cameras if who did the crime.

Another important factor is that you can timely monitor your family or employees remotely. There are security camera types which are accessible through mobile phone or laptops. Even you’re not at home or the store and you can monitor if your employees are doing their job well or check your kids if they’re behaving well. With the help of security camera types, security and safety are easy to obtain. By timely checking your employees, you can boost their productivity and also avoid theft inside your company.

Also, by acquiring an ideal security camera types, you can boost the confidence of your customers and let them feel secure while at your business. At home, you can be confident that your investments and your family are well-secured. By obtaining CCTV camera types, doubts and questions can be answered timely by viewing the camera remotely.

Above all this, all of us wanted to be safe and assure that everything well-monitored. By choosing the best security camera for your home or business, you can confirm that everything is monitored and guarantee that everything is safe and recorded.

Find the best security camera types for your home and business

With these significant factors and description, you already know what CCTV camera types or home camera system fit your home or commercial vicinity. In case you’re not already sure about your prospect surveillance camera, you can ask us for a professional help, and we will explain to you the pros and cons of your desired security camera.

According to the Slovenian laws, if you already installed or conducted any security camera, don’t forget to put a visible sign or notice so that everyone is aware that everything is recorded. Also, make sure that the internet connections and signals are well-maintain to avoid interruptions, especially when recording through wifi security cameras Or IP security cameras.

To know more about security camera types, you can find a trusted in us , Varnosti Sistem Ljubljana as security system company which can offer professional installation, repairs, and maintenance at the fair affordable price you may find in Slovenia. You may also discuss with our professional representatives about your needs, preferred budget and preference or why you need CCTV camera types. to be installed at your property.

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